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Good day to all, I'm new on tagged and i'm actually seeking for a serious minded man that is ready for a serious relationship that would lead to marriage.
My mom introduced me to tagged because she knew quite alright that i've been lonely for a while, so she said it would be a good thing to find my better half on tagged because one of her friend daughter found her better half on tagged about 2yrs ago and they were happily married, so she thought it would be a good thing for me also.
A little about me, I'm Laura Holmes by name, I'm a 34yrs old Lady from Georgia.
I have never been married before and no kid, I was born and raised in a very good christian family background and i was taught how to be very honest and straight forward to people i meet in my life.
It's just so unfortunate that people nowadays are very far from saying the truth which is not a good thing.
I believe we are all grown up and it's very much important to be very honest and straight forward to people because life is just too short to be a negative person.
I'm a very caring and a very loving person, most passionate and very romantic to my man, It would be a good thing to find that special man on here because loneliness is a very bad thing as we all deserve to be very happy in life.

What I am looking for

I would love to meet a man with good heart and a God fearing person as well, My type of man must smell nice and he must be family oriented as well.
I prefer to meet a very cool headed man and he must know how to behave in public.
I hope to find that special someone as soon as possible because this is the right time for me to settle and be happy with that special someone because two is better than one.